Infographics, Graphs and Charts

Share information with your customers.

Engage their interest and boost clicks!

Infographics, Graphs and Charts Boost Data Capture

Proven to convert clicks from your website visitors 

Offering a useful free downloadable infographic via social media is a sure way to maximise your website visits and capture useful visitor data.

Every business owner knows what his or her most frequently asked questions are. Why not offer your potential customers a free guide via Facebook or Twitter which addresses these questions? It will provide the answers your customers need while promoting your brand and, if you set it up to do so, capturing their email address at the same time for you to use in future marketing.

A simple ‘7 steps to…’ or ‘What you really need to know about…’ is all you need to boost clicks.

Graphs and Diagrams Boost Engagement

Draw eyes to the important stuff… 

Whether you need to explain how something works, demonstrate a procedure or display your business growth statistics, a well-designed, branded chart is a proven way to lead your viewers through to the vital copy.

Your website should demonstrate to your customers why you are the go-to choice in your niche. However, many visitors are scared off by lots of text unless they know, before reading it, that it is something they will find useful. Offering a visual ‘hook’ to the vital information really works.

Well designed, branded charts, graphs, flow diagrams and animations all have amazing viewer pulling power.

They have also been proven to reinforce the positive perception of a company as a whole.

Call us for some ideas… We’d love to help!

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