Avatars, cartoons and illustrations.

What would you like yours to look like?

We All Love Looking Good

Add personality to your website with avatars!

We specialise in drawing avatars that ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE YOU or your staff, dog, office cat etc.

Working from photographs, and drawing in any style you like, we work hard to capture the little things that make you look like you.

Avatars are really on trend at the moment and perfect for building customer relationships and boosting engagement. 

It has been proven time and time again that having images of people on websites and social media promote conversions. However, stock photos are often too generic, corporate, American looking or just unavailable for your niche.

Professional photography is expensive and time-consuming and the copyright and usage deals from photographers mean you can get tied up in knots over the simplest images… 

Stock cartoon images are also available, but as well as being expensive and tied up with royalty and copyright clauses in the same way as photographs they also have issues.These illustrations are usually generic, overused and look like ‘just another piece of ‘me-too clip-art’.

Many business owners actually prefer a cartoon version of themselves rather than a photograph and surveys and stats show that illustrations that actually look like the people they are representing convert just as well as actual photos, which is great news for the camera shy!

We cartoon animals and other stuff too – Why not take a look?

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